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Best for News Channel - Flash Breaking News - Tickers

Advance Playlist

  • Add Video files , Live Input , Network Streams and save them to Playlist
  • Add Metadata for Name and subtitle for each clip with regional language
  • Set Playlist file Type and Color or each playlist file to identify by color
  • Cut - Copy - Paste - Add - Delete Move Up / Down playlist Item at realtime
  • Set Auto delete to any file of playlist to delete automatically when Played
  • Display Text & Graphics ( Composition ) with any Specific Playlist Item
  • Each Playlist file has 5 Graphic Layers to Display unlimited Graphic Compositions
  • Add Commertial Breaks in playlist , When Break is playing Backin Graphic is automatically displayed
  • Insert breaks at desired position of playlist Item or at end of clip
  • Show / Hide Graphics ( Logos , Breaking News , Banners , Scroll , Tickers ) on Pirticular Playlist Item

Broadcast Graphics

5 Graphic Layers to Display unlimited Graphic Compositions

  • Still Graphics (SG) Layer for Channel Logo , Watermark & Clock weather etc
  • Master Graphics (MG) Layer For News Tickers , Srolls & Breaking news etc
  • Time Graphics (TG) Layer schedule Compositions / L-Band ( Composition) to play at Fix Time & Date
  • Loop Graphics (LG) LG1-LG2 Layers to display compositions one after one by individual duration
  • L BAND (LS) Display L-BAND ( video format ) in time interval or Instantly or at fix time

Schedule Playlist

  • Create Playlist and save to list to Playlist folder
  • Schedule Playlist with integrated Playlist scheduler
  • Unlimited days Scheduling with Schedule date & time
  • Scheduled List is added to master Playout List at Scheduled time
  • Scheduled files get auto deleted from Playout list after played

Schedule commercial Breaks

  • Insert breaks in List Set Start / End Date for Commertials
  • Add breaks to different Groups
  • Schedule Groups to play at fixed time every day
  • Every Break is displayed in group by valid start date and end date of each Break

Automated Info graphics

  • Now Playing file Graphical Info with title & subtitle
  • Next Playing file Graphical Info with title & subtitle
  • Backin duration Info graphic when breaks are playing
  • Now Playing Schedule Graphical Info
  • Next Playing Schedule Graphical Info
  • Countdown Graphical Info to show when file is going to play

Streaming (VBR / CBR )

  • Create unlimited Streaming Presets with available streaming formats
  • Stream to streaming presets simultaneously
  • Auto start for every stream with Application Start
  • Stream to Youtube , Facebook , Web, UDP , DVB , Specific Lancard
  • Set different Stream output Resolution for every preset
  • Stream to any resolution simultaneously like SD / HD

Playout Software Key Features

Network File Playback

  • Add Network files as playlist file
  • Play Network streams like youtube - Facebook - RTMP - UDP

24x 7 Stable Playout

  • Reliable & Stable to run channel 24x7 / 365 days without getting hanged

Output Preview

  • Preview Channel output with audio Video , Text and graphics

Broadcast Quality CG

  • CG Application TitleCaster is bundled free
  • Overlay text and graphics for channel branding and screen layout design
  • Unlimited graphics compositions overlay


  • Video File
  • Live Input
  • You Tube Live - Facebook Live
  • Network Stream

IP output

  • Multicast UDP output with custom bitrate
  • MPEG-2 , MPEG 4 , H.264

Multiformat Playback

  • Play all kinds of video files and network streams.
  • H.264, HEVC.265, AVI, MPEG-2, DVCPRO, MXF,LXF, QuickTime, MP4, Mov

Live Ingest

  • Get Live input from all Blackmagic design Cards
  • Add Live to Playlist as a file with duration
  • Schedule Live and set to start and end live at fixed time

App Integrated Streaming

  • Directly Stream RTMP to youtube , facebook , website
  • Built in Encoders to Stream and Record Output

Virtual Source

  • Virtual Source for Flash Media Live Encoder, Wirecast, Vmix, XSplit, VLC, OBS.

SD-HD-4K Output

  • Supports all Playout resolutions
  • Supports all Blackmagic Design, Stream Labs and Deltacast Cards

DVB-compliant UDP streaming

  • Reduce costs and save space by removing Output Cards and SDI cables.
  • Send your Playout directly to QAM to save Encoder & Output Cards


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