How your License works do i have to pay every year or its perpetual

Our software license works with a Usb Hardware ( DONGLE )

Its hassel free USB license you can install any time on any Computer there is no serial key or soft license and its never ending lifetime license

How to get demo i downloaded your product but it is not working

There is no free demo to download you have to pay USD 100 for demo

Why your demo is paid and is the demo amount refundable

Our Products have usb dongle License we have to charge the cost of usb Dongle and the shipping courier charges

There is no refund of demo or any product purchased but the demo amount is adjusted on the final purchase

What are the demo limitations

Our demo is a complete version with one month of limited period with full support via team viewer

Is there any warter mark on demo

There is no warter mark you can ON AIR your Channel to viewers with demo

How to get final version with no expiry date

We activate the same demo usb dongle for life time via team viewer on final purchase

How to order a demo or how to buy a product

You can pay us via PAYPAL , WESTREN UNION MONEY TRANSFER , BANK TRANSFER just mail us the payment mode you want

What are the system Requirements

INTEL Core i7 4 Generation or higher processor, 8 GB or Higher RAM

120 GB SSD (Solid State Drive) for OS( WINDOWS 7/8/10 ), Power supply Minmum 500 watts ,2 TB or Higher Hard Disk for media storage

Which hardware card is used to get Video out SDI / HDMI / Composite

All Black Magic Cards are supported you can get your Video out to any format using specific Card you will find variety of product range for video out

Can I stream my Channel directly to Web Using your products

Built in Streaming Engine is there, yes you can stream to web using free you tube live streaming & other paid Livestream , Ustream , wowza .... also

Can i Play multiformats video ( mov,mp4, avi ) of different size ( 1920x1080 , 1280x720 , 720x576 ) in same playlist

Yes you can play Play multiformats video files of different size and different frames per second video files smoothly

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